Dude, I just watched one of the worst movies ever... punch.. drunk... love...

I don't understand this movie at all, it just seemed really random and awful. If anybody could explain what the hell this is about that would be great. Its not like other Adam Sandler movies. Its weird as hell and in a bad way. Anybody care to explain what its about?
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my names adam

Hey! Me too!
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Actually, the worst movie ever is Spanglish.

I died a little inside while I watched that movie.
I rather liked it, but it was slightly depressing, and not the type of character he normally plays.
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Hey! Me too!

Oh my God!!
Me too!
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Oh my God!!
Me too!

Mine's not. .

Anyway. Hasn't Adam Sandler always kinda sucked? And "Click" is, in fact, his worst movie. A cliched mess. [/opinion]
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Click actually made me choke up alittle.

All his films follow the same plot outline.

Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison kicked major ass.