Hey! I'm 16 years old and I've been playing the guitar for about four years. I really want to join a band. My favorite bands are Rufio, Bless The Fall, Escape The Fate, and Alesana. I'm mostly in to hardcore emotion and a little bit of the old stuff like Jimi Hendrix. I just like his guitar solos. The new stuff that's coming out is really easy. Anyway, I'm looking to join a band with kids my age. So, if you're interested contact me at omarrmian@yahoo.com

I put my music up on myspace.com/tragedyisbroken
Also, I put videos of me playing the guitar on youtube. youtube.com/endingswithtragedy
PS! My hometown is Bridgewater, but I live in Belle Mead now.
Bridewater is in what state?

If it's Ohio, we need a singer but I don't know if you'd like our style. We're like an imageless play music for the sake of music kind of band.
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