This is a short classical thing that I wrote and have been using for a warm up. I am hoping to develop it into a better and longer piece, but I would like some help first.

Do you think I should add a second guitar part, or leave it as a solo arrangement?

About how much longer should I make it?

Should I speed up/slow down?

Basically, any feedback/advice will be helpful.


The piece is titled "Classical Warm-Up"

its tastey, i like it, no changes needed. maybe if you get bored just add some more parts onto it
haha, they have more than 1 note, you may want to use them , really cool sounding piece though, the playing was a little bit sloppy, but it was good enough for me
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like the others said its a bit sloppy heh..

it is not something I could listen to for longer then a min or two.. but for a quick warm exercise it sounds good and served its purpose .

now if you are gonna make a longer song out or it.. it needs to be more dynamic IMO.. and by that I mean changes in the tempo and feel (hope you get what I mean heh)..

good luck with it.. ^^