I liked the guitar, but I think you should work on your singing. I couldn't really understand the lyrics. I also think you should put the guitar more up front, but other than that I really liked it
Doesn't really fit my tastes. But it really is a good song.

I don't know about paulvxD but I think you have a good voice, I just hate songs with vocals like that, but that doesn't mean you're not a good singer or it's not a good song. You should record this with a band.

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Hey, Allright so I listened to the songs and i'll make a little list of things that you could improve.

- The song is just you and the guitar the guitar should be raised a bit so that it can be felt along side you voice, however don't make it to loud then it'll over power your voice.

- It sounds like your singing to close to the mic step back a little bit depending on your mic. Play with it till it sounds good.

- Your singing sounds like it's coming from your head and nose, very nasaly. It might be that your trying to get a kind of emotion from you singing without the high volume it comes with. PLay around with your voice you will be amazed how well your voice will sound when you just let go.

- However know how to create dynamics using your voice. Learn to whisper to sing ways to tell the story diffrently using your voice.

Other than that i think you did a pretty good job I could hear when your voice was getting good.

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i thought that was quite good

it would sound SOOO much better with some more backing... it could probably come off quite anthemic with synth backing or cello or something...

i like acoustic tunes, keep working on them! i wish i could write them