hey guys what should i use to clean my guitar neck and body and how should i go about doing it. i always have this dirt looking material falling off my neck onto my pants. what is it? and how do i get rid of it? its liek aw gunk of some sorts
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the stuff coming off the neck is probably dirt or something. But cleaning the neck can depend on whether your neck is finished or unfinished. If its unfinished, you want to find some cleaner that is low in oil or wax content and fairly high in water content. if you cannot find this, plain water will work fine. Next you want to find a clean polishing rag. Apply the cleaner to the rag and in a very fast motion, stroke the neck up and down. This will remove a ton of the dirt as well as shine it up a bit for you. if it is finished ( im not sure on this) my guess would be to just get some regular guitar polish and clean it like you would the rest of the guitar. somebody please correct me if i am mistaken. hope this helps.