how can you figure out what key a song is in, and how do you solo in a certain key? thanks...
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You have to tab most of the song and figure out what scale it's in. Then check the root note of the scale. A key is basically the root note of the scale you're playing in.

For example if I'm playing in the pentatonic scales and I started on the 7th fret of the E string I would be playing in the key of B.

If you want to solo you should learn the pentatonic boxes and the modes of the major scale.
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the I, IV, V method.
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Root notes is where you should start. It gets more technical, but that what it comes down to for the most part.
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This is the easy way that my teacher taught me.
Listen to the song and start hitting notes on the E string. Whichever note sounds good, that's your root. You gotta be able to match pitches.
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A) get the tabs, and figure it out from there
B. Learn some basic theory, after basic theory it isn't hard to solo using penatonics.
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start with root notes to figure out chord progression then go from there.

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just play a bunch of power chords around the neck until you find one that sounds good. then a major scale around that to find your bass note. thats the key.
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