hey i want to make up a practice plan that i can stick too. im not sure what to put in it like alternate picking or something. i want some opinions to what i should have lined up. im not sure what exercises i should be doing. btw i like metal music.
just go into your room (or where ever you keep your guitar) and jam you know just mess around and listen to music to get inspiration. practice sucks when you have to stick to a plan

waht he said

i cant stand it when people have a practice plan like,
ill do sweeps than legato, etc

i just play and jam
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ok but what about exercises? is there anything specific that i should learn like scales and alternate picking?
If you can, sit down to a metronome and chug along with that. pick every beat, then twice a beat, then three times per beat, then 4, and then speed up the metronome until you can pick at like mach 3
for shredding, if you're into that, I don't have anything good. I can't do it myself.
thanks dalto ive got a metronome from drum line so thatll do
- Warmup (15min)
- Scales (15 min)
- Chords (15 min)
- Power Chords (5 min)
- Chromatics/Speed/exercises/technique/accuracy (50-60 min)
- Technique
- Arpeggios/sweeping
- Tapping
- Pull-offs/hammer-ons
- Trills
- Slides
- Harmonics
- Legato
- Alternate picking
- Palm muting
- Vibrato
- Bends
- String skipping
- Doing chart exercises (10 min)
- Improvisation (15 min)
- Learning song (15 min)
- Ear Training (5 min)
- Learning notes on fretboard (5 min)

My schedule, just if you want an example.