I recently had a problem with my schecter c-1 classic in that the volume knob came extremely loose and so I took off the knob, tightened the nut, reattached the knob and it was tight like new.

However, now when I switch to my clean channel, my guitar output is much quieter than it ever has been. It's not my amp, I've tried it on multiple amps and tried two different guitars along with mine on the same amp. It's safe to say that my guitar, for whatever reason, is outputting much more quietly now. The change is only very noticeable on the clean channel. IE: Now I have to turn my 120 watt cab up to full clean volume just to hear it over our drummer.

Any Ideas?

1.) tightened volume pot/knob nut
2.) Playing clean is much quieter than before
3.) definitely not the amp
Almost sounds to me when you tightened the pot, the nut on it got as tight as it was going to go without holding the pot still, and you twisted the the pot and possibly knocked something loose. Does it sound normal on the OD channel?
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it sounds normal to me on the OD channel, yeah

Hmm, it sounds the same? Though I think its been pretyt much ruled out, check the electronics to make sure you didn't accidentally do what I described and knocked something loose or cause a short. Almost sounds like either the pickup is out of phase . or its coil tapped.
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I wouldn't know how to check for any of that, to be honest with you.

Open your electronics/control cavity up. Make sure all the wires are connected and none of them are touching each other.