Yo, I'm going to college next year and I want to narrow down my choices on a major that I may want to persue. At first, I was considering the quite general Computer Science major. As I've looked at more and more of the possible majors, in my mind they are all blending together and I dont see too much of a distinction. I was wondering if anybody knew of any majors related to the Computer Science field that were noteworthy or worth a look at. Anything with good pay and good job options is a plus. Thanks!
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take CIS computer information science, thats what im taking, it covers everything and gives you lots of job options when you get out
I just graduated this past May with a degree in Computer Science, specialization in Software Development. I got a nice job with the government doing development and those sorts of things.

It depends what you like. Some of my friends HATED coding, so they went the IT track. I personally find helping people with IT problems frustrating. Just see what you like.
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Most of the time, you won't learn what you need in computer science. It just depends on what you want to do.

What exactly do you want to do?

I work in information security, I'm heavily involved in computer science related subjects, but I was a business major that failed out of the computer science program. That is another story for another time, but you need some clear idea of what you want to do. I've known since i was 12 that I wanted to be in security, but most people aren't that clearly guided Once you have an idea of where you want to go, you can decide on majors. Find something you enjoy, then focus on it.

If you decide computer science is right, goto a good school, look around at different programs. When I started, the school I want too had a pisspoor computer science program. I'm going back to school now at a much better school, in 2 days of class we covered more than I did in a year at my old school. This is true of any discipline, but there are a lot of solid schools with good comp sci programs, look around and find the best one you can get into. It isn't easy, but it'll pay off.
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