hey all. ive been working on acoustic songs, just music to play around friends and get people to sing to. theyre pretty well known songs, but im looking for more to add. any suggestions?

so far, i have

1) sorry about that- alkaline trio OR radio- alkaline trio
2) the great escape - boys like girls
3) drive- incubus
4) keasby nights - catch 22
5) santeria - sublime

a bit all over the place but theyre all great and some of my own personal favorites

also starting to work on classical guitar, any ideas for starting in this genre?
for classical check out Carcassi...a lot of the studies are in a minor so they'll be easy for a beginner to read
is that like a book or somthing?

EDIT: wow ok im an idiot lol. alright thanks ill check him out. but still are there just books of sheet music that i can get? i can read music as well as tab so thats not an issue btw
120 Giuliani right hand studies, practise them HARD and play them WELL. It will do tons for your technique. Boring but essential.

How about getting graded books from ABRSM, LCM etc (various exam boards)?