So I changed my mind about getting a second guitar that was a lighter guitar with a tremolo system. I've been reading alot about how the lower and medium range guitars with tremolos have crappy (edge 3, licensed FR, etc.) bridges and I don't want to ruin the experience by having a bad system. Plus I'm not sure I'm ready to change my style that much to accompany the use of the tremolo as of yet. I don't have enough money to spend to get a really good guitar with a tremolo system so...

Instead I think I want something with the following features:
  • Thin neck or easily playable neck
  • Higher fret access (not a must. I currently Play a low class les paul and the high fret access is alright I guess)
  • Under $600 US
  • MUST BE GOOD FOR METAL that is my primary genre although I will also use it for some blues, punk, and possibly softer indie stuff
  • I do not want this guitar for a tone change as I'm pleased with the tone I get from my amp I am just displeased with the feel and playability of my current guitar

ESP Viper
ESP EC-400

I'm assuming most schecters get the job done but I don't know what the difference is between costs compared to quality on their C-1s as they have a huge variety of different models.

Anyways give me suggestions. Thanks!
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Ibanez S470? Good trem on that one and its good for metal. Ibanez necks are renowned for playability
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Quote by BFun
Ibanez S470? Good trem on that one and its good for metal. Ibanez necks are renowned for playability

Well of course I'll try one out but not sure if I want the trem now. Plus it's a little bit above my price range so I'd have to save up more.
Schecter Hellraiser FR
Peavey 6505 Head
Vader 4x12
BBE 482

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Check out a Jackson DK2 (only $30 over your limit). Also consider:

Used Ibanez RG550
Used Charvel Model 5 or 6

EDIT: Non trem, Id try a Schecter C1 Artist, or a Jackson DK2T (again only $30 over your limit).
I like the Viper but I don't think EMG's are going to sound good through your amp. The EC400 looks like a very nice guitar, and the cutaway is different than an LP and should allow better upper fret access. It seems to me the EC400's neck tenon is less obtrusive also.
^the EC-400s have active EMGs as well.

ibanez S520DX.
the ZR Trem owns
and the stock pups are pretty good and not a problem if you have a pretty decent amp.
I played an S520DX on a like.... $500 Fender combo or something, and it sounded
kickass with distortion.
the guitar is only $600.
sure a pup swap would make it own your face, but the stock INF1 and INF2 are pretty good for a long time.
Aha. The link the threadstarter posted took me to one with JB 59's. Its the ESP LTD-400VF. I believe you are right the regular 400's do have EMG's.
^lol honest mistake =P
but a JB/59'[n] can supposedly own an 81/85[or 60] set, seeing as how in the
assload expensive Horizon Customs come stocked with them.

and the only difference between the 400s and the 1000s is the added binding to make the
guitar sexier, and obviously slightly better assembly.

man....i just made myself depressed....I want a Horizon (not one with an H-1001 headstock, EWWWWW) really bad.... especially if it had a floyd....omg that'd be the
ownage of all guitars known to mankind.....
Last night I had a dream of a Les Paul Double Cut. Getting some bucks soon. Please someone talk me out of it (or not.)
I predict that someday you will get your Horizon.
lol well i hope you get what you want friend!

oh and don't worry friend, i definately plan on getting one custom made from ESP for me sometime later next year when i have a job, then ill be makin a paycheck, and my $150 a month child support, plus the random money my mom gives me hehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehe
and it'll fit exactly my every desire in the ultimate ownage guitar hehe.