I am reposting this hear based on someones sugestion in the pit.

sorry for hte double post

So i need to buy a MIDI Controller.

Heres what I need.


Decent Quality.

61 keys (flexible....but really preferable).

My MIDI teacher told me to look into the Korg K61.

this is what he says

The Korg is better built, with sturdier material used. The knobs are
not as cheap as the M-Audio. The Octave switch tells you what octave
you're in via color, instead of an annoying screen. It comes with a
software editor that allows you to change setups, and the m-audio is
very tedious to customize. It comes with good free software as
opposed to just gimmicks. You basically get WAY more for your
money. M-Audio is more popular because of it's advertising
campaigns, Korg just simply makes a higher quality controller.

I have heard good things about the Oxygen 61 that he refers to. It has more controls than the korg, and is the slightest bit cheaper (not much). He says it is good (in previous email) but not as good as the Korg.

The thing is, no one seems to have the Korg in stock. GC stopped carrying them and sam ash said they won't even order it for another ten days. To be honest, I'd rather have it now rather than later...i need to get to work on this, and the m-audio controller seems more than good enough, it seems good. what it may lack in free software, and such, i think it will make up for in the amount of configurable controllers. I've tried out the little oxygen keyboard and found the keys to feel real nice actually.

I've also heard some people say m-audio is cheap crap.

So....I'm looking for either an endorsement or disendorsement of the Oxygen 61, or if you guys have any other brands in that price range feel free to suggest. Thanks.

Oh and ill be using this with protools, logic, reason, sibelius, the whole schpiel.
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i am unable to find reviews or much information about either product. could you perhaps assist me more on where to find this information on the site? thank you.
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Depends how much you're willing to spend. The cheap M-Audio controllers are good for the sole reason that they are cheap. It also depends what features you yourself specifically need.
M-Audio aren't great, but I think they definitely do the job. How much more expensive is the Korg ? Korg is generally considered a better brand, but I have used the Oxygen 61 extensively, and I think it does the job pretty well.
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