hey ive been playing electric guitar for about 10-11 years and fairly recently had been considering going to colledge for classical or jazz guitar

I'm not sure if i should got for calssical or jazz...i mostyl listen and play metal

i found out to enter the music program at a above begginer level i need to be able to play 3 ro 4 classical guitar songs and pass a theory test....probly about the same requirements for classical

now i have a steel-string acoustic which i bought mainy to prctivce this calssical stuff and have been putting off for a while now, so im hoping now i can start off on the right foot with this...can play steel string with my fingers? and will the colledge tell me to go get a classical guitar instead of what i have already...i'm not surewhat kind of guitar they prefer for jazz but im not sure which i want ot do either (classical or jazz)...i wish they had a metal program for guitar in colledge :P
do classical, so you can apply it to metal later and make the best neoclassical metal ever
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#1 it's college

#2 You really should invest in a classical guitar if you are going to go to college for the classical one. However, the acoustic will be fine to learn on.
Jazz wise, I think you will be fine, as long as you know your theory.

You won't learn proper classical technique on steel strings. I call such people 'players who play classical pieces', not 'classical guitarists'. The steels don't allow for the same kind of control of tone that nylon does.

It depends on their requirements. A player who plays a tough grade 8 level classical piece doesn't necessarily have much classical technique.
^^ What he said. Playing Asturias at 20000 beats per minute missing half the notes, with your guitar on the wrong leg and with no dynamics what so ever = immediate fail.