ok what i want to be is a sound enginner and a studio engineer like that guy that goes on tours or is in the studio and i also want to be a producer which is more of a experince thing but i just want to know what i need to get done like what degrees and such and i think i read up that you needa physics degree which to the ladies makes you sound smart hahaha
i plan on doing the same thing, just look for college and university programs about recording and digital arts

I'm going to McNally right now for Production and love it. They also have an Engineering course, and the difference is basically production students learn theory and arranging while the engineers learn how to take apart consoles and put them back together.
yeah i take actual engineering.......... like mechanics and modelling......... i'm sure that sound eng is not the sort of thing that would lead to record producing if it's anything like what i do...........
you dont need a physics degree or any degree.. save yourself some money and go to the library or just search online for sound engineering info, etc.
If you want to make a decent living working in a studio you'll need connections and luck more than anything.
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