Wow, just wow. Today I was at the Texas State Fair, and at the very back of the Dodge exhibit was, you guessed it, A Challenger! Man those cars are cool! WHy would anyone want a Mustang or Camaro when those are there? As far as similarity to the old ones go, yes the Mustang is similiar, the Camaro maybe if you squint, but the challenger is just straight on. All the other people I was with were Ford guys, going on about the GT500 KR Concept. Whats so special about it? its a regular shelby with an elenor style hood and some decals, whoopdi-doo. Then they went on about the Z06, its just a litle faster vette. But I mean the Challenger, com on! IT retains its heritage with a modern feel. Plus, IT'S A HEMI! Feburary 6, 2008 11:00 a.m. cannot come fast enough. Now I realize most of you aout there are chevy and ford guys, however, can chevy or ford lay claim to the first production car to hit 200mph? 08 is gonna be quite the year.
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I used to consider myself a Chevy guy; but now I just consider myself an "older car" guy. I'd rather much be driving a nice tweaked out '70 Challenger(or almost any other 60's or 70's era muscle car) than 95% of these newer cars.
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What makes the GT500KR special?
540 horsepower and 510 pounds of torque.

The Corvette Z06 will eat the Challenger as a mid-day snack.
The Z06 is a beast.

Anyways, yes I've heard the Challenger is an amazing looking car.
and laugh out loud about the hemi, haha, I won't even go there.

The Challenger isn't out yet, you wanted me to wait for it?
Wait until the production model comes out and then we'll talk.

I think all you care about is looks.
And if that is the case, then yes the Challenger is amazing.
I still love my mustang more.
Performance for your money wise...we'll see.
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