ok people i got a sweet set of harmonicas in a bunch of keys, and the "mount thingy" that holds it on your neck so you can play them at the same time (yes you like my expert vocabulary)... and i dont know what key harmonica to play in while im playing guitar. i am pretty good at guitar and know how to solo over whatever key, but i discovered that while playing over an Am progression the C harmonica fit, rather that the A. so basically im a harmonica noob and anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated... thanks
well a minor is the relative minor of c major. so naturally, it'd fit well with a c major harmonica.
yeh the harmonica's are all in major keys so when playing with say an A harmonica, you will want to play in a... um f# minor key.
count three back through the major to get the tonic of its relative minor key.
hope that helped.
if you dont know the releatives just google the cycle of fifths.
Plus with bending notes and playing in different positions you can play in several keys all on 1 harmonica.
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