hooray! i love critting a cover when it makes me like the song even if I don't know it. The vocals were great in this. I was really impressed. I love the pronunciation. The quality is decent and the guitar sounds solid the whole through. I actually checked out the original...and I actually liked your vocals more. nice job.
thanks for the crit.
Your voice reminded me of that Placebo dude. Sounded really nicely produced- What program did you use?
Nice work dude, very impressive. Good vocals and solid guitar work. Also the quality of the recording was excellent as well.
Once again nice work.
Hi! C4C yea?

Very convincing cover! Did you base your cover on the Placebo cover? Your vocals indeed remind me of Brian Molko.. You sing very well and the guitar sounds great too, the recording quality is fantastic..
Only one small criticism, the backing vocals in the first chorus didnt exactly make it better try to work on that or just leave them out, your voice works great on its own

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I liked it a lot. That's my favorite Smiths song. I like your voice a lot. I daresay it's easier to listen to than the original due to the lack of helium-vocals. You can crit mine if you want, but if you don't watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia you won't get it. Should be on the first page.
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