What EQ settings should i use to get a really warm tone with no twangy treble strings, but i don't want to lose my treble by turning down my tone on the guitar.

I have a Fender Strat with Texas Specials and a VOX Valvetronix 50.

Something like this


Sorry i think this is really stupid when i don't know what amp he has or anything but you know i don't think it hurts to ask. All i know is he has a Am Tele and uses .10 gauge strings.

Or Please Tell Me Any Warm Tone Settings You Use Like The Lows,Mids,Highs.

Thanks Nathan
Neck Pickup. Or middle. Anyways, don't use the bridge pickup, and change your technique. Don't strum hard, strum soft.
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uh... everything at 7, guitar's tone control at 3-4?
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Use a different pick, I use some made of wood bone and stone(fattest one, also very capable as a slide) Also turning the volume down a bit might help
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