I need to know some good mellow rap, stuff like some old snoop dogg, people under the stairs, cypress hill, stuff like that.

I want some of the good rap, not the **** about how sweet his car is, and how cheap his cell phone bill is.

Saul williams, aesop rock, murs, blackalicious, rjd2, el-p... that should get you started. Cheers!
The Rotten Apple - Prodigy
Bang On Em - Prodigy
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yo yo...arms are sweaty...vomit on my sweater already! moms spaghetti!!!

his nervous..on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop BOMBZ!!!

but he keeps forgetting what he wrote down...the whole crowd goes so loud...
he opens his mouth but the words wont come out! his choking now! everybodys choking now! clocks run out! times out over...BANG! snap back to reality...oh there goes rabbit he knows he cant something....and something...and something.........etc....etc....IM A MUTHA****IN PIMP! the end.
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F the rappers.

get out of this thread, troll.

RJD2 is indeed a fine choice, Gorrilaz also.
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theres a humungous rap/hiphop thread in the other music forum.
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I can't believe no one has mentioned Tupac.

Sage Francis

Hell yes.
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