First, I want to know how much EGMs cost. I'm hoping they're called EGMs, if not, then I probably look like an absolute moron. Those things on electric guitars that hear the sound from the strings and that sound is sent to the amp. Those things. I heard that B.C. Rich's EGMs are no good, and that I should go to a guitar shop and get new ones. How much should I pay for good quality? Not something over-the-top, but something that produces a fairly good sound. And are there any name brands I should look out for?

Second question, I think my guitar body's paint job is too cliche. I want it changed, can I go to a guitar shop and have them repaint it to something new? or do I just have to find a guitar with something I like and buy that? And if paint jobs are possible, how much for something kind of basic?

EDIT: Apparently they're called "Pick ups" See? Mediocre guitar player right here. Heh...
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They are "EMG's", lol. And yes, getting a new finish on a guitar/bass is possible. Just look at Steve Harris, he's had his(bass) repainted quite a few times.
Their EMGs but i won't make fun of you for it it depends cuz theres actives and passives so you should do more research dude before you buy some though

no go to a car paint place i think

oh and use the search bar to ok dude
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They are called pick-ups and EMGs are just one brand of pick-ups. I guess you could get good pick-ups for about $100. Refinishing is no problem at all, on UG lots of people have done it themselves. If you want a pro to do it I think you should see some kind of painter or something, not a guitar shop.
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Alright, so, Good quality pick-ups are around 100.00? And what's "passive" and active"? And how much would I be looking at for a new paint job? Or does it depend on who is painting it?
Active means that you need a 9-volt battery to power the magnet in the pickup, usually resulting in a better sound. Passive means you don't. Also, what kind of guitar do you have, it might clear up a few things.
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Active means that you need a 9-volt battery to power the magnet in the pickup, usually resulting in a better sound. Passive means you don't. Also, what kind of guitar do you have, it might clear up a few things.

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You might just want to consider a new guitar altogether, because Agathis is a low quality wood. Also, depends what music you play. A good suggestion is something made out of mahogany, like an ESP. Most ESPs above $600 come with EMG's already.
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usually resulting in a better sound.

Wrong. 'Better' tone is entirely subjective; I for one don't like EMG tone at all.

TS: The first thing you should upgrade for better tone is always your amp, what are you playing through right now?
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It says "Crate". Average sized amp.

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Ive got a Dimarzzio X2N bridge pickup in mine.... totally passive pickup, with great output. Id assume you play metal from the guitar and amp you have, ive been very happy with how it performs. Im not a fan of many other Dimarzzio pickups though.

Active means it needs outside power to amplify the signal = stronger signal than passive pickups in most cases... not necessarily better tone.

Passive pickups are generally low - medium output pickups... which is hard to get used to but still good.

and yes guitars are painted in a similar way to cars, i dunno if you took your guitar to a car painting shop whether they would paint it for you or not, but theres no harm in checking it out!
Paying more for pickups than you paid for the guitar is not the best way. If your just starting out I wouldnt worry so much about a bunch of equipment. Your best bet is to put more into playing, tone will come later.