nice man. the recording interface was kinda clipping, but the real sound shoulda been a lot better. thinking of buying a tube amp soon? it helps a lot.

i love the song. Lenny is one of my favorite SRV songs. ur timing goes kinda slow sometimes, but it works. dont go off too far, cuz it might sound like ur going sloppy. a little bit of slowing down is nice.

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Yeah i know what you mean about the clipping. This was recorded directly to the computer through a dodgy behringer multi effects pedal and it was the best quality i could muster.
I have recently bought some decent recording equipment, and i plan to head studio-wards sometime in the near future, so hopefully i will have some better stuff to post

As for the timing, yeah its a bit off towards the middle. It was intentionally slowed, but i think it got a little out of time.

thanks 7daycrisis and ECistheBest for the feedback.