I just bought this am. deluxe strat off ebay and just noticed something about it.


It looks legit but I had a question about the neck. It has the 60th anniversary sticker but the serial starts with DZ5 meaning that it was made in 2005, but the 60th anniversary strats were supposed to be made in 2006. Is this a problem. Also if anyone notices anything else weird please let me know. Thanks for any help you can give me.
yeah i checked but it doesn't list any serials past 05 thanks anyway though
^yea. it might have a special serial for the 60th aniv. lemme check guitar dater or sumtin like that.
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I think you got jipped.

"other features of the Stratocaster HSS include polished chrome hardware, locking machine heads, American Deluxe tremolo with polished steel saddles, highly detailed fret and nut work, abalone dot inlays, and aged plastic parts. Includes Fender hardshell case."

Look at the guitar, its got a SSS setup on it.
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I know about the HSS thing, Im pretty sure he copied the wrong description off musiciansfriend or something like that.
It looks legit to me, or it's a DAMN good fake... But didn't the 60th anniv. guitars comes with their own special hard-case?
I'm no Fender-book-of-knowledge, but I think that if it was a fake, it wouldn't have that many pictures up. Most Ebay fakes I've seen use only 2 or 3 wide angle shots, so you can't make out details.
Thanks Y00p that eases my mind a bit. Also, ibanez4life thanks for the advice I'll do that right away.