Hey guys, I'm in need of some help from the UG faithful. I'm not great at figuring out what chords are meant to be called so I was wondering if anyone could help me out with these two chords:


Help would be much appreciated.
I'm curious; did you come across these in some guitar tab, or did you just find them on the guitar by yourself?
I was watching a video of an acoustic version of Naive by The Kooks and saw two weird looking chords, then looked them up in a tab and found them like that.
I'm no expert in these matters, but I'll try to help none-the-less.

The first chord looks like a variation of a F#. As it only contains two notes - F# and A# - it is a 5th chord. It starts on the the 5th (A#) so it is an inverted F#5.

The second chord adds an E so, to my mind, that should be an F#7, 1st inversion.

I think that's right, but if it isn't I'm sure someone will correct me soon.
Thank you, your help is much appreciated. Reading how you explained that the first chord you said sounds correct, but my knowledge of theory is fairly basic so I'll take your word for it on both. Cheers mate
The first chord [A# F#] is a F# (no5), while the second one [A# F# E] is a 7th chord: F#7 (no5).
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Serves me right for thinking before I had my morning coffee. Damn those major 3rds and perfect 5ths. sTx is right. My brain was running in neutral.
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6 9 8 11 xx technically isnt a chord since it only contains 2 notes. As has already been said, F#(no5) would be what you would call it if u had to call it something.

6989xx could be called an F#7(no5) but a rootless D#mb9 would also be an acceptable name.
yea it dont help much but these guys are right these arent chords at all
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