4 hours of working last night and I thought it was pretty interesting. I'll C4C for you if you leave me a link. Thank you.

The song is called "Collage" and I would appreciate your honest opinions, no sucking up. This isn't the final version of the song as I need to get my keboard hooked up soon, so be easy.



i liked it when the beat came in, the way uve used layers is intresting, it has a cool spacey effect when things are fading in and out all the time, the phasers and flangers sound cool and suited to the music. not really a structure but i dont think it's essential anyway with this type of music,

intresting ideas, i think you could develop more into a full blown song than just ideas here and there, but for a kind of rough track, its very suited with a unique style.

I do ambient and heavy stuff, not as much electronic though

- Dave