Lately i have been wanting to get a better sounding solo tone, since i dont liek the boost of my Boss SD-1 or my Metal Muff.
So now, i have turned my attentions to a EQ or a Compressor/Sustainer.
I want the EQ so i can pinpoint my favourable tone, but then again i want the compressor/sustainer so i can get those long sounding notes.

I've been looking at the MXR EQ's 6/10 band, and wondering how much better the 10 is than the 6.
I want a sustainer because i have barely any sustain on my strat and i want to play FTLOG, but i cant do the intro because of the 2 second sustain =/
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i would say the EQ
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i'd say compressor. i never turn mine off (on a strat). but a compressor will not give you long sustain easily, technique and volume etc are more important. it'll make your notes sustain only slightly longer, and some comps have a really sweetening squishy effect, some add some sparkle.
Compressors sound awsome on Strats, it evens out the twangy sound by boosting the lower frequencies. I use mine mainly to fatten up the sound of my amp's gain at lower volumes though. They do have a very good lead tone however if your looking for that mellow kinda smooth lead sound. I don't see much difference an eq' would make...
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EQ, you can do so much with the MXR 10-band. I never turn mine off, ever.
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You should have plenty of sustain on a Strat. Something is wrong. You may be looking for infinite sustain, then high gain/distortion, or clean with a compressor. Do you have a decent amp?
Strats aren't exactly renowned for their sustain. By the way, what the hell is EQ?

Is it something you plug into your amp to mod your sound?

Are they expensive?
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yeah basically you can create the sound you want. yeah well my strat has quite bad sustain, i have a cort in indonesia that cost me about $300 and it has more sustain..
so then a super comp or dyna comp?
btw i play metal, and i wont be using the cleans for much, only breakdowns
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