Hello everyone!

I am new to the guitar. Gladly i was bought a guitar to start training with, since I really want to play. But it's really confusing. I am currently training on switching from chords to chords you know. I'm left handed on a right-handed guitar so duuh, but I've always done it that way so it feels better. Anyways, I don't know what to do next. What kind of songs should I try? Most songs seems so hard. And I play so simple like going down, down, down and I just get my fingers stuck on the strings when I am trying to play up and down you know. I could need some beginner's tips here, would be awesome. And how did you learn to play? What kind of songs you trained with? Hope you understand me, just give me some hints and such
hey! glad u chose to learn the guitar cuz its a really cool and fun thing to play wif

i dun realy have any tips on how to start playing cuz im not an instructor but oh well fer me when i got my guitar, i starting learning really simple songs like 'swing swing' by the all american rejects. that was really years ago when i wasnt serious about playing the guitar. I also learn some chinese songs back then which really helped me in my chord changing

but recently ive decided to get serious wif guitar playing and thus came up wif my own practice schedule.. maybe u shld come up wif one too. I learn scales, techniques like alternate picking, tapping , sweep picking, legato and stuff and also learn some new riff or songs and stuff. THis may sound abit advance fer u now but i really dont know how to explain it to u. Im sure as the day goes by, u will slowly understand all this term.


this is a really awesome site. U need to register and pay if u wanna interact wif those people though and also to view vids. But the tabs provided are free and yea i really learn alot from there. The forum is great too and is open to public just that u need to pay to talk in there.

Hope this help a little.. practice practice and practice! thats the most important

oh and most pop / punk songs are easy to learn too like those from blink 182.. maybe could start from there? i dont know haha
Get started on learning some scales early, giving yourself a headstart into that. Also start learning some music theory aswell.

As for actual playing, learn some basic chord shapes, then try learning some songs such as:
last kiss - Pearl Jam
Heart of Gold - Neil Young
500 Miles - I have no freakin idea
Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana (DO NOT OVERPLAY THIS PLEASE!)

but stuff like that, nice, easily laid out, chord progressions.
Or you can learn riffs, pick any song you like, it likely has a riff in it, you can learn that.
some good, easy ones are:
enter sandman - Metallica
Seek and Destroy - Metallica
Come as you are - Nirvana

or any other songs you know/like that you want to learn that sounds like it would be relatively easy. (basically anything non-metal on mtv would be perfect for that *cough*)

Go to this site and watch all of the beginners video lessons, they would help you a lot:

Some beginners songs that you can play:

Somke on the water
Iron man
Wild Thing ( chords )
House Of The Rising Sun
Hells Bells (the first riff)
A drumer is needed!!

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