Why does my tuning key for my G string (yes hahah g string) turn so easily and go outta tune, is there any way to fix this??

And R.I.P. Samantha
there may be a small spot for a screw driver or allen wrench on the machine head where you can tighten it. take a look. im not positive though
If there is a small phillips head screw in the center of the tuning key knob, that is the adjustment for the tuning machine. If not, there is no adjustment, and staying in tune is a matter of properly wrapping the strings at the tuning posts.
If your guitar has the small screw, here's how to adjust it.
Detune whichever string is giving you trouble until slack, no tension. If the key is very loose, tighten the screw a little at a time until there feels like there is some drag on the key as you turn it. You want just a little bit of drag on every key. I've seen extremely loose keys where the horizontal shaft will move in and out of the gearbox. If too tight, the guitar will be a pain to tune becuse once tension is on the tuner it's a lot harder to turn.
If there is no adjustment screw, then check that your strings are wound at the post correctly so they don't slip. The first wrap should overlap, or be above the hole that the string goes thru, then 2-3 wraps below. 1 or 2 below is ok on the low E string if it's a really heavy gauge.