Hey Guys
Havnt posted here in ages, it's good to be back lol
I have a schecter omen 6 extreme and i was wondering if I upgraded the pickups
how much better my sound would be?
I play mostly rock with a dab of heavier stuff mixed in.
Muse are my big influence btw. I use a Mese Boogie Mark III combo amp.

suggestions on pickups would be good too

Thanks guys
Yes i think upgrading pickups through that sort of high quality amp would be a good idea. I think that upgrading pickups going through a low quality amp is always an idea for a muse esq tone go for a bareknuckle nail bomb i think thats what he uses on one of his mansons.
thanks for the reply but I was hoping for a few more pickup suggestions and what that particular pickup is good for, also I would probably get a set of pickups, I would like a nice pickup for the neck position that will give me some sparkly cleans and will mix well with the bridge position.

Thanks for any help given
What's your price range?

And yes, pick up swaps do drastic changes in terms of tone. If you know what you want, you have a set budget, and if you have an amp--you're good to go!
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well i wasnt really worrying about price range, but nothing stupid, like $400 Australian I suppose for a set, could go over but around there is a nice price
I see you like Muse.

Therefore I strongly recommend some Hot P90's, or some Nailbombs. However with your price range I'd have to rule out both of these suggestions.

Perhaps some Motherbuckers and an array of switches.
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