I have a couple pedals that I dont really need or use anymore. Heres what I have.

Ibanez FZ7 Fuzz
Danelectro echo pedal
Mobi by pass pedal
BBE sonic maximizer rack piece
2 Guitar head active humbuckers
Seafoam green strat body loaded with pearloid pick guard and seymour duncan invader two point trem.
Boss pedal board hold three pedals

All offers will be considered, though I only really need a pair of passive high gain humbuckers for a les paul and cash.
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what that nz-2? noise zurpressor? ^^"

how far are you shipping?

oh sorry thats a typo its supposed to be ns-2 id prefer to stay in the us or canada but if I have to I go overseas
Oh, ok!

I'm interested in it, but I live in Austria... ^^"
Have you got an idea how much shipping would be?

I dont know off the top of my head, it'll be in a small box so hopefully it wouldnt be too much.
hey man look at my thread of pedals for sale. i wanna trade a pedal with you. just you decide the pedal you want. i want the toad overdrive
Just sent a PM
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Ibanez SZ520QM
Peavey Rotor EXP
Squier Bullet (heavily modified)
Mesa Roadster Head & 2x12 cab
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What about the wah for the chorus pedal?

are you after my wah or my chorus?
I also do have a bbe sonic maximizer rack piece. And I just bought an ibanez apex, so I have to sell my washburn to hopefully recoup some cash. I'll sell it for 650, its regularly 840 at musciansfriend. Might consider partial trades but I'd need some cash.
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I also have a loaded hss pick guard. It has a bare knuckle in the bridge and a dimarzio rail a single coil sized humbucker in the neck. I dont know what the single coil in the middle is.