for sale, really good condition and a few tears in vinyl but this is only on the back of the cabinet so you cant see it anway
reason for sale is that i want a mesa boogie triple or dual rectifier so if anyone has one of those and wants to trade with cash aswell let me know also,

anyone who has played a dsl before knows that they have a crystal clean channel and can chuck out the distortion too!

pictures can be produced on demand as i dont know how to put them up on here until i work it out or someone emails me

i can post but id rather a pick up from me locally in devon!

please email me instead of replying in here


im looking for £600/500 for the lot bear in mind they dont currently make dsl's at the moment and they sell for £1000 new so thats the bargin your all getting kids

oh and if your gunna say i can get it somewhere else for £400 do it then! im not selling mine for any lower than £500