* I posted this in the electric guitar forum and was told that you guys would know a lot about this stuff.

So I just bought this american deluxe strat off ebay and just noticed something about it.


It looks legit but I had a question about the neck. It has the 60th anniversary sticker but the serial starts with DZ5 meaning that it was made in 2005, but the 60th anniversary strats were supposed to be made in 2006. Is this a problem? Also if anyone notices anything else weird please let me know. Oh... and i know about it being described as an HSS in the description while it's SSS in the pictures. I'm not experienced with buying things off ebay so I just wanted to be sure Thanks for any help you can give me.
I'm not so sure about the neck but i know that if the description says HSS then legally if it's not HSS then you can make the guuy refund your money
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I vaguely recall that they started selling them in late 2004 so you are probably all right. I'd log on the Fender forum and ask if you don't get satisfactory info anywhere else.