The Strap is a often forgotten part of the guitar that's kindof important... who do you guys think make the best straps?

my vote goes to dunlop.
DiMarzio. Simply the best
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Dunno. But I find it very hard to find a really good PLAIN BLACK strap.
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If it's tight, it's good so that the guitar doesn't fall off.

Although Dunlop makes good pedals and picks, so I wouldn't doubt about them having good straps.

Anyway, the strap is not that important. As long as it has good quality and strength. Doesn't affect the sound in anyway.
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Dunno. But I find it very hard to find a really good PLAIN BLACK strap.

+1. they all have stupid designs on them these days, but I finally found a good leather one, finally
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Quote by guitarist41
Dunno. But I find it very hard to find a really good PLAIN BLACK strap.

Ernie Ball makes a great plain black strap. I have like three of 'em, they're $6 and super strong. As great as they are, my vote goes out to the one with the lightning bolt. A must have for any SG owner.
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I'm sick of plane black straps~I want a groovey looking one, like the Planet Wave JS ones, they look pretty funky

or the ones Santana has, big fat padded ones!
Fender. But it doesn't really matter IMO.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
I like mine, its all black with a skull and crossbones emblem at shoulder height. I forgot the brand though.
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the straps designed by Joe Satriani are pretty cool lookin

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Mines just a plain epi one I got, It's never fallen off. I never take it off the guitar beause its too much trouble.

Also, on the dimarzio straps, isn't it like some kind of strap lock system where the pins are replaced with a clip thing?
I have straps that cost me as low as $6.00 made by Levys that I really like and some that cost up to $30.00. I look for a solid strap with heavy ends with a tight grip around the strap button. The inexpensive Levy ones I just got work great. If your playing a guitar that is heavy just get something that is padded. I use some thin straps and if your guitar has some weight to it you'll find out fast how much the strap digs into you. I guess it's personal preference when you get right down to it about material and color or graphics. I also have to say if you value your ax get strap locks. I have seen so many great guitars ened up busted when they slipped off the strap.

I love the Getm Getm straps nice and soft on the sholder.
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Planet Waves. I'm not a fan of funky designs either.
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DiMarzio. ClipLocks come in a bunch of flat colours, and have fantastic ergonomics.
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Levy's for mass produced. They are IMO the best. For $45.00 the Boot Strap from Levy's lives on 5 of my guitars. A set of Schaller strap locks and for about $70 a guitar they are all comfortable and safe. I also have two straps that I am into for $200 apiece including strap locks.

I have a 3" inch Eastern Diamondback rattler. http://www.snakeskinstraps.com/rattlesnake.htm

I also have a hand tooled strap for a Tele that Warmoth is currently building for me. http://www.eldoradostraps.com/products.htm
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Well I use a Planet Waves Joe Satriani "Souls of Distortion" strap and it's very reliable but from what I hear/see DiMarzio have awesome straps, that cliplock system seems perfect!

My Jimi Hendrix strap has never failed *knock on wood*
and my guitar is heavy.
I don't even shred
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No 1. and Levys ftw
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Levys and Peavey have the best straps in my opinion. I have a Peavey camouflage strap that is so wide that it makes my Dean feel pounds lighter than it is. And it stays on my strap buttons really nice so I dont have to worry about it falling off.
i usually just grab whatever's cheap and looks like it will hold what i want to put it on

what you really have to put your stock in is your straplocks, of which i am all about schallers
Planet Waves locking straps are damn good!

So are Dunlop straps, i use both.

For looks get a dunlop.

For functionality get a Planet Waves
I've got a Dunlop strap that is great, it is really tight around the strap buttons, I don't ever take it off because it takes about 5 minutes for me to get it off. I've got a Levy's Jimi Hendrix strap for my acoustic that is pretty nice too. I like the Dunlop ends more because the leather part is extremely thick. I got a very simple Celtic knot design on the dunlop for my electric because the sunburst paint job on it is a little flashy so I went with a more plain strap. My acoustic however is plain black so I went with an intricate design for the strap, it is the Crystal Dreams Hendrix strap I think.
duct tape

that would probably actually work. hmm.
i have a 'white guitar'
hard to say
different body size and shoulder size
how do you want the guitar to sit?

as long as it doesn't dig into my net or something I'm good

This is the one I use, nice and comfy, looks sick, and really tight hold (leather [grips?])... I bought it for my bass, but I use it for my guitar that I just bought as well, because guitar center somehow looked at me and somehow decided that an infant sized strap would fit me. (190lbs)
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