what is that noise that children of bodom use a lot.
it sounds like a really high bend pinch harmonic squeel thing.
whats it called and how do i do it.

apologieys for being so vague
sounds like your describing a wammy harmonic, there is a lesson on this site for it
the pic theif strikes again

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Pinch harmonic? The thread directly under this one is called "Pinch Harmonic"... you might want to look there. Im not a COB fan so you might mean something else...
I believe that is a pinch harmonic, but they use their trems to get that sound. You won't be able to replicate it unless you have a floyd rose equiped guitar or a whammy pedal
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Yep, it's a whammy harmonic. Play a harmonic (natural or pinch) with your whammy bar depressed down. Then pull the bar back up.
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