I am using a 40 watt peavey amp right now, and i have to turn it up almost all the way when i play with my drummer. It sounds like crap especially when playing clean, and it smells like its frying after we play.

there is alot of feed back and noise when i engage my distortion pedal too. Is this from the amp being turned up so loud?

Also, what is a good amp to get for 300-400 bucks? An amp for practice with a band or small gigs etc.
A good SS in that price range would be a Vox Valvetronix series or a Roland Cube. But if I were you I'd save a little longer and get a nice tube combo in the $500-700 price range.
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What music do you play?
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Check out this:
Offer him 400.

Or go for the smaller V16. The V32 will be plenty of headroom for you, though.

Peavey Classic 30's go for around 4-500 bucks. You should be able to find one you like there.