Alright, so if you've seen Black Snake Moan then you probably know which song I'm talking about. It's a cool song - especially with Samuel L. saying 'bad mother ****er' - and I'd like to learn how to play it. Unfortunately they don't show much of Samuel L.'s hands - probably because he wasn't actually playing. Anyways, if anyone has figured this song out could you post the tabs? Or, if you are good at figuring a song out by ear, I can send you the mp3.

Hope someone gets this tabbed out, I've been searching since I saw the movie.

Oh and here are the lyrics for good measure:

This heres a song from back in the day
19 hundred and 62
My woman put my black ass out in the cold
I asked baby why you leavin and she said
Our love done gone cold

Well I waded through water
and waded through mud
till I done come to this place
called the bucket of mud

You know that bartender give me a dirty look and a dirty glass
I said Say Mother****er do you know who I am?
Hell ‘naw, ******! I don’t give a god damn!

I reached down in my pocket and pulled out my shiny 44
Shot that mother****er twice
He hit the god damn floor

About that time you couldn’t have heard the drop of a pin
That’s when that bad mother ****er billy Lions walked in

Bout that time a pimp he eased up and turned off the lights
That’s when I had ole’ Billy lions dead in my sites
When the lights come back on ole’ Billy gone and rest
I’d pumped nine of my bullets in his MOTHER ****IN CHEST
actually, samuel l jackson really plays in this movie, he learnt to play guitar a few months before filming, and he's hooked on it, as far as i know...
When you get the tbas could you send them to me also because I'm also looking for them! I would be very thankful
Quote by freewheelin_arg
actually, samuel l jackson really plays in this movie, he learnt to play guitar a few months before filming, and he's hooked on it, as far as i know...

Are you sure?
Seem to remember thinking he had no clue what he was doing when I saw the movie. Great film though whether he played or not.
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He played all the songs in the film.
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He played all the songs in the film.

Maybe he did, maybe he didn't, but I would also like those tabs
Why are you looking here, all the interesting stuff is up above

He knew how to play all the songs in the movie, so as to make it look realistic, but the actual recordings of the song were by one of the guys in the band he plays with at the club near the end of the movie. He can play, but he's not good enough to be recording those songs yet.

Also, bump because I too would like those tabs.
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The song it called Stack-o-Lee made famous by Mississippi John Hurt

nope, sorry. you are talking 'bout a different song. stack lee, stagger lee or stack o lee is an old blues myth, and there many stack songs out there. even the clash recorded one (wrong em boyo) but i don't know who wrote it. the stack o lee we are talking about was written by rl burnside, as far as i know. the mississippi john hurt song is much "cuter" and in his version stack is a bad man. i think the stack of rl is just a hustler.

hey guys newbie here not long seen the movie and loved it i figured this song out mostly however am unsure on how too tab stuff onto the internet but i know it is in d minor i have been lookin on the net for ages to find the tab for it but cudnt find the tab for this version so i sat and figured it out
Anybody come up with anything for this? I just picked up my guitar for the first time in months... I can't seem to get anywhere with this. Any tabs or even suggestions (tuning maybe)? I'd love to get a tab. Thanks in advance.
I have tabbed this, so anyone interested I have sent the tab to UG and I am waiting for them to accept it or whatever, so just be looking for it in the next few days if you guys are interested, because I saw nobody on UG has tabbed that song..
id love to be able to play it, after i saw that film it got me back into the mood to learn to play the blues again, i found a version of catfish blues thats on the film, on youtube but i couldnt figure it out even though he tells you what to do lol, id also like a tab please
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