I am just curious about how everybody here makes their riffs (mainly for punk/metal songs). Sometimes with me, something just comes into my head and I play it, "Woah, that was cool". But I want to be able to sit down with the band and be like "okay, let's make a song" and do it.

Do you take it like a solo, and use scales as a sort of pallet of notes for riffs? Do you take other riffs and change the key and notes? How do you guys do it?
Well, I was too tired to look. I haven't slept in a while... Thanks. I'll look.
i usually pick a random string and fret and work from there, and if i don't like the single note, i first modify it into a power chord or something like that. from there i just record or tab it out and when me and the band get together, we have a time for everyone to present their work, and we just present the stuff by playing it, and then the others can absorb the notes, and just start making a tune and playing it.