I posted thread in Ultimate Wah Thread but I got just one answer, so...
I have got max 130$ and need the best wah for that money that I can get in the GuitarCenter. I need wah with good clean and good distortion sound. I was thinking to buy Morley Mark Tremonti, and Bad Horsie 2 or Dunlop Crybaby Classic? Which of these wahs do you recommend, or is there some better(in GuitarCenter) ?
Not that I have alot of experience with any those, but the Dunlop Crybaby Classic, is probably the best one for your money. Try them all out and go for the on you prefer.
The crybaby classic is terrible. I hated it when I tried it; thin, nasally and trebly sounding.
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Just try all of them, and take the one you like best. Make sure you try them carefully tho, play around with all of them for a while.
which of these two morley bad horsie 2 and mark tremonti are for the blues and the metal?
Original Crybaby+20-30$ of mods

=best you can get

(check out the ultimate wah modding thread!)
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what sweep on wah mean?

It means the "range" of the wah. Like how big the change is when you move it all the way up/down.