Anyone ever heard of Aldis guitars? logo looks like this: ----Aldis----
I'll take a pic tonight and put it on in the morning!
NOT the supermarket LOL - how did i know that was coming... I'll take some pics tonight, plays like a dream and sounds amazing
Isn't Aldi a grocery store in germany? They can't be that good, then.

When I googled "aldis guitars", the first thing I got was "Aldi guitar for a n00b". Probably not the awesomest axe in the world.
There IS such a thing as an ALDI guitar though (yes the supermarket one). My friend bought an acoustic one. The fretboard had a crack lengthwise, and was seperating from the neck. it actually moved a few millimetres to the right...
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haha there are Aldi guitars though, last time i checked theyre called "Golden Foxes." Like 50 bucks will get ya the guitar, weeny amp, picks and a book. Not bad, could probably use em to smash onstage or something
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