can someone tell me how to remove the string-through body ferrules on my LTD? I can't seem to find anything on here, projectguitar.com, Google to help me in my search.
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I don't believe that anything holds them in place.If they are anything like the Tele ones they are just pressed in. if you cant get them out by using pliers then you may have to remove your bridge and use a nail or something similar to punch them out from the top.
Always look before you leap though just to make sure they are not threaded in(I really don't think they will be) you never know...
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when i build a guitar with ferrules they are pressed in, to remove them i stick a dowel in the hole from the bridge side and pound them out with a mallet. not sure if thats the same for your ltd though
so if i stick something in the front side, then pound them out, they should come right you the back then? I can believe someone has not posted that yet, lol. Thanks for the replies, my mod was on hold till i could get them out. Any advice for removing TOM studs while we're at it?
No dice so far. the damn things are not coming out...i hope someone besides me has refinished a STB guitar, I want to get to painting and I can not get the ferrules and STP studs out!
did you try what i told you? for the ferrules and for the studs ill have to look it up for you i dont remember how you do it
Which LTD is it? Because if the ferrules are on the front, then you should poke them out from the rear, of course, and then remove the rear ones from the front.

Edit: Just looked, it's an F50, so the comment remains relevant.
On my telecaster they fall out when I change the strings.
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Just move it around the fretboard