~Alrighty im puting a band together in the Cornwall Ontario and Ottawa area. ~

-Im 18 and i go to Algonquin College in Ottawa, play lead guitar and i do backing vocals,
- My cousin plays rhythm guitar and sings pretty damn good.
- Our band name is "Collaborated Thoughts".
- We are a hard rock band with alot of hard rock, punk rock and metal influences.
- We are looking for people ages like 16 to 22 or something like that, no real age limit just msg us and we will see.
^We love to do covers of Thrice, Breaking Benjamin, Sum 41, Default, Finger Eleven, Papa Roach, and a heck of alot more.^

#My Main Goal is to begin recording our own material by the summer, and to try to get a demo CD out there, and to get a few gigs performing anywhere and everywhere!*

- Message me (Derek) for any info and my e-mail is CollaboratedThoughts@hotmail.com -
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