Hey everyone.

I was just wondering if any of you had either played or own the Gibson BFG.
I was considering it for my next guitar.

Thanks for the reviews.

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☺Martin - .11guage.
☺Too many effects to list.
I've played one and it was a really nice guitar and they aren't that expensive. It sounds really good and you can get quality sounds from itand is light for a les paul because of its chambered body. The killswitch was interesting but as i've never used one before it was hard to use and it has a really nice neck on it. But the unfinished bits are irritating such as no toggle switch selecter and the "rust" under the non exsisting it make you ask Why? But they are really good and would suggest getting one it also quite cheap for a Gibson les paul.
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In Total Guitar and Guitarist mags, it got excellent reviews. and from what i heard from the demo, it seems good. It's basic but, It does the job.