Hey Everyone,

I was wondering what would be some good ideas for some classic acoustic tunes that everyone would like.


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Of course, wish you were here by pink floyd
Sitting on the edge of nowhere.
Watch Out or Ill Steal Your Girlfriend... or Wife.
Roll Tide
Not all of these are acoustic on the record, but they sound good regardless.

Neil Young:
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Round and Round (It Won't Be Long)
The Loner/Cinnamon Girl/Down By The River medley (from CSNY's Four Way Street live album)
Heart of Gold
Old Man
Needle and the Damage Done
Cortez the Killer
My My, Hey Hey
Sugar Mountain
Comes A Time
Anything from the Unplugged album (as well as his many mostly acoustic albums)

Pink Floyd:
Wish You Were Here
A Pillow of Winds
Fat Old Sun
Goodbye Blue Sky

Led Zeppelin:
Zeppelin III

The Beatles:
Take your pick of songs...most of them will sound good on acoustic.

Bob Dylan:
I'm not an avid Dylan fan, but he has a ton of acoustic work.

Tom Petty:
Listen to Her Heart
Free Fallin'
Learning to Fly
You Don't Know How It Feels (if you can play harmonica, I'm sure you could pull this off)
The Waiting

That's a good start. Also, check out some MTV Unplugged albums.


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