Okay. So recently I reopened my first guitar case. Inside was my first electric guitar a Washburn X series. I put the guitar away a long time ago because of serious hardware issues. 1 The screws have pretty much all come completely out, and the wood is way too soft to put them back in (I've tried multiple times). Still the guitar does not sound bad, well not as bad as it looks. The input to the guitar is completely ripped from the wiring of the guitar. I have no idea how to solder. I don't know how it works, but I bought a small souldering iron and some flux. . .. (long metal cable. . . .). I was told this would be all I need to fix the input. But how exactly do I do it? I've never used one before and would definately like to learn!
as for the screws coming out, it sounds like you stripped the screw hole.
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