I don't have the cash right now (just bought two expensive pedals), but I'm planning on hot-rodding my freeway classic

if you didn't know, it has a bridge humbucker, a middle single coil, and a neck humbucker.

some things I wanna do to it are:

rewire it with individual on/off switches for each pickup
coil tap or split the to humbuckers.
replace the stock pups with dimarzios -- probably a Mo'Joe in the bridge, a DiMarzio DP217 YJM in the middle, and an evolution in the neck. (that should be pretty versatile).

I also wanted to take out the stock bridge (a strat style) and replace it with one of these: tremking and stick on some chrome schaller locking tuners.

Is it worth refretting it with jumbo frets? the action is pretty low already, but I could probably lower it even more with bigger frets...

anyway, aside refretting it (I probably won't do that), I'm assuming it will cost around $400 - $500 -- is that anywhere near accurate? and would it be worth it?

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