okay, so i may have asked a question similar to this before... but this is slightly different, so i'm sorry.

i have a 650 quid budget. I play just general rock, nothing too heavy, no heavier than old lostprophets stuff really, and all the way up to clean rock.
do i...

a) get my lovely feeling early '00s squier strat serviced and maybe even a pickup swap, and get my new ish vintage v100 (les paul style) serviced too, lower the horribly high action, then maybe get a good amp/spend my money elsewhere?

or would it be worth getting a MIA telecaster?
(my local shop has loads of nearly new ones for around 600)

it was going to be the tele for sure, until i had a jam this afternoon and discovered that with the right settings, my lp sounds great. and i am just not sure if the lack of 'buckers would be a problem for the drop D stuff etc.

thanks a load
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What amp do you have? If you like your guitars, get them serviced and play. And a new amp will make the biggest improvement to your tone.

yeah, if you love the feel of your guitars right now, then go for the amp IMO. You can always look under your couch and scrounge up enough for a new guitar later .
mm.. a laney lx.. :s

i would go for the amp idea, but i dont gig.
who knows what i'll do? oh well, off to the guitar shop tomorrow... i'll have a think.
cheers guys
well, i mean you could get a laney vc15 for like £220... or wait for the new peavey windsor studio (around £200). Both of those amps would be good for home use, and likely sound better than your current amp... that'd leave you just over £400, which'd be enough for either an edwards telecaster (order from japan- with shipping and import duties it'd come to around £465, i think? best check that though if you're on a tight budget), or alternatively a blade telecaster (£379 RRP, haggle to get them down a bit just for fun), or keep an eye out for an second hand tokai MIJ telecaster (around £250 if you're lucky).

That's what I'd do. and as already said by several other helpful folks, if you like your current guitar, it's probably worth investing in a setup. pickups wouldn't hurt either- probably irongear or swineshead, to keep the costs down.
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