Hey i just now noticed this part of the forums and decieded to post up a couple of my songs for the hell of it. im usualy just in the pit telling ghost stories....



theres the link to my myspace (i would post the songs on ug but im at work now and the mp3 files are at my house)

you can just pick one of the songs to crit or if your really bored you can crit them all and ill do the same for you. i have no life

the songs i got up...

Out To Get Me Some- kinda like a rock comdey song, just something i threw together, more humorus.

French Fried- its more like a metal jam with some solo'in at the end, again, more of something i just threw together

Aries- i guess kinda of like steven by alice cooper meets marilyn manson? i dont know, i cant describe it

DNS- and finaly DNS which is more of Thrash Metal. kinda anthrax'y quite tasty

oh and just to let you know it was all recored on a cheap 10 dollar computer mic
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