yea well im lookin to get a distortion pedel and i need some help

one of my friends on msn said the "Boss OS-2" is good..sence its dis. / OD

but another said the "Mega Dist." is very heavy..


i mostly play metallica..atempt to play pantera ..ACDC..and alot of metal / heavey metal and make my own heavey riffs for our band..(even tho we have no vocals )

i use a Jackson Dk2l with OFR and dimebucker..and a little mex. strat to mess around with sence i can not stand chagning strings on a FR drives me complety insane. and a Peavey transtube 212 efx ..so i dont need any more efx..i have more efx then i will ever use.

are any of those decent? i would goto a local music store and try some out but they have absoutly nothing worth a crap...

so im gonna have to rely on ya'll

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MG 15
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i am useless + i phail
the dist on my peavey is pretty good but its not as heavey as i neeed it...its good for hard rock at a MAX

not looking to spend more then $100 really..maybe a lil more if its gonna be totally worth it ..
squire strat
MG 15
Spider 30

i am useless + i phail
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I have the OS-2 and if you play metallica and heavier stuff i suggest getting something else. try the mega distortion.
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yea i forgot about the muff..i think it looks best
squire strat
MG 15
Spider 30

i am useless + i phail
boss mega distortion is good (md-2)

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