Small band on an independent label from southern california. I have gone to their shows quite a few times to support underground thrash in Los Angeles. Lot of the bands coming up all have similar sounds and you cant really distinguish them. But these guys have real potential.


sounds similar to dark angel, name also probably taken from the dark angel song.

It's not bad, but yeah there is a strong resemblance to Dark Angel. I think it's also funny how they all have retro clothes in their pics.
They are one of my top favorite bands. They came up to Seattle for a show and I was completely blown away. I went out and got their Evil In The Night album... damn even more blown away(minus the solo quality, Dan can shred like a ****in beast flawlessly live, but the album solos did him no justice).
I am thinking about going down to Cali next summer just so I can spend some time around the thrash scene.

Killer ****in band though. They've become probably my top 5 favorite thrash bands.
Merciless Death has a show tonight that im gonna go check out, at a really **** place though.