So, I was bored and nothing was on TV so I watched "Life of Ryan." Does anyone besides me think this kid, not to mention everyone else in his life, are all whiny little bitches?
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amen brother

hes still a great skater tho, he just needs to stop crying so much
I've only watched it a few times but as far I saw He seemed like a pretty cool guy to me. I think that he might have been a bit of a dick when he was younger and people just don't seem to realize that people grow up. An no one can deny he's a great skater.....

i prefer life of brian :p
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ya hes a little queer
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i prefer life of brian :p
Monty Python FTW!
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does anyone else get pissed off by the way he talks during the dramatic parts?
he pauses in places that need no pause!

for example...
"when i was growing up...I couldn't imagine...not having...my dad by my side."
I dunno, he might be a whiny little bitch.. Does he ever complain about television shows he doesn't have to watch?
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i prefer life of brian :p

+a bagillion Monty Python pwns
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Listen to this man. His 2 ideas in five minutes have shat all over your serious ideas.
I think MTV makes him do emotional parts for the show.

He is a good skater though
No but i hear hes a very Naughty boy.
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his dad is so weird too... he talks like a 15 year old... i hate mtv so much
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