Hey make this quick and simple
Ive got a jcm 900 4500 dual reverb (its great I love it)
Ive been looking for a pedal that I can use as a permanent gain booster
Right now I have the gain on my amp (lead b channel) on 20, the highest setting, and I want a pedal that I can use to boost the gain as much as I want
Im looking a high gain sound but I want to keep all the tone and I don’t want the pedal to take away from the amp’s originally amazing overdriven crunch sound
Example of the sound im looking for :
Ive got a Gibson les paul studio
I can spend about $200 so im pretty open on that, I just want to find the right one

what I already know I don’t want:
• MXR double-shot distortion: I already got it and although it does give me plenty of the right gain and does sound relatively good, it sort of muddies up the sound and theres this unwanted fizz I don’t like in it
• Tubescreamer(unless you realllyy think it’s the right one and you can explain why: Ive heard it doesn’t have enough gain and plus ive heard that it doesn’t “do it” for what Im looking for
• Fulltone Fulldrive Mosfet Overdrive: already got it and to be perfectly honest, it didn’t do anything but make my amp quieter. No overdrive, nothing. I’m not joking.

Suggestions PLEASE because im sure that a few choice people want me to stop posting threads on this………

i was actually thinking about getting that but what i want to do is keep the gain on the amp turned up at 20 and use a pedal to push it beyond that.

using the metal muff means that i would have to turn the gain down on the amp or it would be some sort of schreeching banshee + i dont really want a distortion pedal and + i heard its pretty muddy and doesnt work all that well
well wehn i push my jcm with my FD 2 it gets pretty heavy. i leave the pre-amp up around 3 oclock

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

to be perfectly honest the fulldrive literally didnt do anything when i was using it
either that or it just wasnt doing enough